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Reopening In-Person Meetings - Things to Consider
The purpose of this document is to provide information for groups to CONSIDER as they move towards reopening in-person meetings after the COVID-19 pandemic (Provided by Area 48
Reopening Considerations

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AA District 21 November Meeting Agenda
D-21 November Meeting Agenda

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ZOOM Posting Guidelines

Zoom Meeting How To's & Posting Guidelines

If you have a ZOOM meeting to post, PLEASE Read the Posting Guidelines FIRST!
Zoom Meeting How To's

Zoom Resorces from Area 58 Website
How to Use Zoom to Attend Meetings, How to Run Business Meetings in Zoom, How to Protect Zoom Meetings, and How to Maintain Anonymity on Zoom.
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Zoom - Quick Reference Guide
Zoom Quick Reference Guide

Setting Up Venmo for Digital Payments
Setting Up Venmo

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