Carry the Message — in Photos!

Help us beautify your website by sharing
your most striking landscape photos.

It’s the perfect time to get your camera out and take some beautiful, uplifting landscape photos of Linn and Benton Counties. Then share them with us for this website!

We’re looking for panoramic pastoral shots of the valley with a peaceful, upbeat, hopeful feel. For example, include mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, or grasses. If the photo includes people, they should not be identifiable. Photographs of original your artwork (drawings, paintings, and so forth) will be considered.

A Gift that Gives Twice

Anyone who submits a suitable photo will be entered in a drawing for one of four one-year subscriptions to the AA Grapevine or La Viña, AA’s “meetings in print.” These subscriptions directly support AA at the local, regional, and national level to help carry the message to the still-suffering alcoholic — it’s a thank you gift from your website team that keeps the cycle of recovery going.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2021.

Photo Submission Form

By submitting your photo(s), you’re agreeing to assign permission to AA Oregon District 21 to use your photo(s) in any manner the District 21 Website Committee wishes. You grant us the right in perpetuity to crop the photo(s), use only part of the photo(s), couple the photo(s) with other visuals, and to use the photo(s) on any page of the site we choose for as long as we choose without your seeking your approval for any new use. You will receive no compensation for the use of any photo(s).

IMPORTANT: The file format must be high resolution (300 dpi) JPEG.