Alcoholics Anonymous members carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic in a Correctional Facility who wants to live sober, one day at a time. Our members do this service work as part of maintaining their own sobriety and to give individuals within who are confined an opportunity to find sobriety. Through a Corrections Committee working with corrections personnel, alcoholics are reached who might never otherwise find the A.A. program.

We carry the message by

  • Providing Oregon Correctional Facilities and Correctional Professionals with A.A. Literature.
  • Taking in-person A.A. meetings or panels into Oregon correctional facilities.
  • Encouraging participation in the Corrections Correspondence Program.
  • Helping those A.A. members who are about to be released to connect with an outside AA member to ensure a smooth transition from A.A. behind the walls to A.A. outside the walls of the facility.
  • Working with the C.P.C and P.I. committees to help inform probation and parole professionals and other court officers about resources A.A. provides to those who are incarcerated.

Interested in Service work?

District 21 has a variety of service opportunities in Corrections. Whether we are taking a meeting  into correctional facilities or simply helping to coordinate and support those who are, it’s all about carrying the message of experience, strength and hope to the alcoholics who may still be suffering.

The following is a list of correctional facilities that welcome AA members to participate in  on-site meetings..  Contact the coordinators to find out about qualifications , necessary forms and possible background checks.


Benton County Jail:

Oregon State Correctional Institution (Salem) and Santiam Correctional Institution :

  • ___ OSCI meetings are every Saturday  from 9:00 -10:30 PM.
  • ___ SCI meetings are every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 PM. ( This meeting can really use AA volunteers)

For more information on taking meetings into OSCI contact Vickie at 

Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility:


District 21 H&I Committee  also works closely  with Oregon Area Corrections Committee with the prerelease program and corrections correspondence.

Corrections Prerelease Program:

Corrections Correspondence:

Suggested Reading Material for Corrections