Upcoming Events

Tuesday November 19, 2019

District 21 Officer & Committee Elections

Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Hill St. Church
Address: 1805 Hill St SE (Just south of Queen St.), Albany OR

There will be a number of officer and committees member positions to be filled. See flyer for details.


District 21 Business Meeting Change

The next AA Oregon Area District 21 Regular Business Meeting will be held on
October 22, 2019 (not October 15, per our usual schedule).

Same time, same place: Hill St. Church of Christ, 1805 Hill St. SE, Albany Oregon

Draft of District 21 Guidelines For Group Input

Many of you were at our August District meeting and have seen and heard about the committee that has been working for months now to update our District 21 Guidelines. In order that we can give everyone a chance to see it, a copy is posted here: District 21 Guidelines Draft

We will be discussing it at district in the meetings ahead, so please take some time to read through it. Any and all of our groups are encouraged to review it.

Happy reading and make sure to note any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanx for being a part of the process.


Starting Saturday July 6th, 1pm at the Lebanon Veteran's Home.
==> Everyone is Welcome - Not Just Those Who Serve or Have Served.
Join Us As We Support Our Veterans and Serving Military.

See Flyer: Soldiers In Sobriety

Additional Information Regarding Online Contributions
July 19, 2019
FROM: Greg Tobin, General Manager
TOPIC: Additional Information Regarding Online Contributions

Dear A.A. friends, As we have recently communicated, G.S.O. is modernizing our office business systems and consolidating nearly all of our business functions to a single platform.

However, this important upgrade will necessitate a shutdown of some of our online systems as we transition to the new platform. During this transition period we will be unable to accept online contributions. (This will affect online contributions only -- contributions may still be sent by mail.) Additionally, there will be a delay in the processing of contribution acknowledgments.

Important: Our online contributions systems will be shut down during the change-over period from Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT until Monday, August 5, 2019 when we anticipate that the new system will be available.

We greatly appreciate your patience and support and encourage all recipients of this communication to share it freely and widely throughout the Fellowship. In gratitude, G. Gregory Tobin General Manager

Multiple Opportunities To Step Up And Be Of Service

First Opportunity: This one comes from Susan Ulseth, Interim Corrections Coordinator for G.S.O.

Corrections Correspondence Urgently Needed.

Subject: A.A. members urgently needed for Corrections Correspondence Service - especially men! The General Service Office has an urgent need for A.A. men to write to inmates through the Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS). Currently there are 200 male inmates waiting for an outside A.A. member to write to them. (Female A.A. members in prison can get linked right away, thanks to all the female volunteers who have signed up.) We need your help to alleviate this problem.

CCS is not a traditional pen pal service or automatic sponsorship service. This service offers the opportunity for A.A. members on the inside and the outside to share experience, strength and hope with each other via postal correspondence. G.S.O. only makes the initial connection, which is a random match between inmates with a drinking problem and outside members of the same gender who live in another region or province away from the correctional facility. The CCS program does not assign sponsors, but a sponsorship relationship may develop after the initial contact is made.

For more information and forms to participate:

In English Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS)

In Spanish Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS)

In French Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS)

Mail Call means everything for those incarcerated. One on one sharing - one A.A. member to another - helps both the insider as well as the outsider. Those who participate express that carrying the A.A. message and sharing experience, strength and hope is everything. Please distribute CCS forms and send to corrections@aa.org

Second Opportunity: Again from Vera, our area delegate as sent to her by Susan Ulseth, Interim Corrections Coordinator from G.S.O. The following links will give you the latest activity updates from the Corrections assignment at G.S.O. Please offer these cut and paste addresses to any members who have an interest in the correction committees and the work they do.

In English Latest activity updates from the Corrections Assignment at G.S.O.

In Spanish Latest activity updates from the Corrections Assignment at G.S.O.

In French Latest activity updates from the Corrections Assignment at G.S.O.

Third Opportunity (and last!!!)

Again from Vera regarding links for Literature:

In English Literature In English

In Spanish Literature In Spanish

In French Literature In French

If you need any help in accessing any of this information, please feel free to contact me and I will try to help you. Apologies for bombarding you with this large amount of communications, and please don't shoot the messenger??

Diana, District 21 Registrar

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