H&I Group Representative

H&I Group Representatives are the people who serve as the vital communication link between our district 21 Hospitals and Institutions Committee and their Home Group. This is a great opportunity to keep your home group informed about how we are carrying the message to Correctional facilities, Treatment facilities and Hospitals, how to get involved and to have the voice of your home group heard.

Responsibilities Include:

  • ___Making announcements and keep their home groups informed about H&I activities.  
  • ___Bring questions and concerns that your Home Group may have back to the H&I Committee.
  • ___Attending  and participating in monthly H&I business meetings to discuss and vote on issues.

The committee is currently involved in:

  • ___Creating a Bridging the Gap form  for AA members to sign up as temporary contacts for people leaving treatment facilities.
  • ___Bringing  Literature and meeting to  correctional facilities, getting the word out about the Prerelease Program and Corrections Correspondence.
  • ___Taking meetings into the State Hospitals in Junction City and Salem. Working with our district 21 PI/CPC Committee and  Oregon Area 58 to get literature and information about AA to local hospitals.
  • ___Working  with Oregon Area 58 in planning a statewide Hospitals Workshop in Albany this summer

We’d love to see you at our next monthly H&I Committee meeting on May 9th, 2024

For more information about the H&I Committee contact Mark M. at hospitalsandinstit@aaoregon-district21.org