Prerelease Program

Past experience has shown that attending an A.A. meeting on the outside on the day of release from prison is one of the most effective tools in making a sober transition and maintaining continued sobriety in the free world. It is strongly recommended that any- one in custody who is an A.A. member have an A.A. contact on the outside (preferably with at least one year’s sobriety and of the same sex) who contacts and arranges to meet him or her on the day of release to help in “Bridging the Gap” between the institution and A.A. on the outside.

The inside member accesses Prerelease through volunteers bringing the pamphlet in.  These are given to the corrections co-chair who matches the inside person with someone on the outside in the community they will release to.  This is generally done when the inside member is 6 months from release.

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A.A. Corrections Prerelease Contact Information – Outside (F-162)

A.A. Corrections Prerelease Contact Information – Inside (F-163)